christopher o’connor

Took my daughter aged 6 due to recommendation, it was over a 50 minute drive for her to have a colourimentry assessment. Firstly the whole experience was a pleasure Stephen spoke directly with my daughter and made her feel at ease. Secondly it’s great to have an optician looking at doing the right thing for my daughter rather than make money. There was a mix up with Freya age and we was advised the right thing to do rather than pay for the assessment was to use the colour overlays as she’s to young really for the test. Stephen explained everything to us clearly and told us the reasons why we should follow a different process. Despite taking up half an hour time we wasn’t charged for the appointment and left with 2 overlays . It was great to see an optician that listened and did the right thing by my daughter. Majorly impressed and will continue to make the 50 minute drive based on my experience today. Thanks

christopher o'connor