Children’s Eyecare

All children under 16 are entitled to a free eye test at BOS Opticians. Stephen can’t emphasise enough the importance of checking children’s eyes from an early age. School checks are not enough and good eyecare is paramount to your child’s social and academic development. More importantly for them, the team will make it fun and help them learn a little about their own eyes – everything from 3D glasses to colour vision and a little sticker just to say “well done”. BOS Opticians also specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, also known as Irlen Syndrome.

Visual Stress

Is your child reaching their full potential at school? If not then a Visual Stress Assessment could help.

A Visual Stress Assessment can help children and adults who experience Dyslexia, Academic Skills Disorder (ASD), Dyspraxia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) as well as other related learning difficulties.

Many reading difficulties stem from an unstable aiming/dominant eye due to either a problem with the eye muscles, an uncorrected spectacle prescription or an issue with the focusing power of the eye. This can give rise to blurred words and letters, the appearance of words moving on the page and an inability to follow a line of words accurately.

A Visual Stress Assessment aims to identify the causes of reading difficulties and provide relief using prescription spectacles and tints. Assessment for and prescription of Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses is undertaken where there is clear benefit to the patients fluency, comfort and rate of reading.

You do not need to be Dyslexic to benefit from a Visual Stress Assessment.

Reading difficulties can be very disabling particularly for children when trying to keep up with work in the classroom. Learning to write and spell becomes very frustrating when the letters don’t stay still or come in and out of focus.The earlier these problems are detected and dealt with the less the learning suffers. If you feel you could benefit from a Visual Stress Assessment, we will be happy to book you in as soon as possible.